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Queen Eleanor's C of E Junior School

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3K's class page

Sunflower seed planting – April 2022

One week later - they're shooting already.

3K achieved their class token challenge this term – well done everyone! They were rewarded with a game of dodgeball and making some Easter treats.

In Maths, we have been working hard on fractions and learning how to write fractions as decimals.

In English, we have been creating short story settings and thinking of expanded noun phrases to help us describe them. We have also been trying to include some prepositions in our writing. These are some of our plans, we will write our stories next week!

3K enjoyed dressing up as superheroes for Comic Relief Red Nose Day! We held ‘Nose and Spoon’ races on the playground in the glorious afternoon sunshine, it was tricky to balance a nose but we all had fun trying.

We were given a hoop and had to divide it into tenths. We then had to collect natural objects to create fraction pictures. We used twigs, leaves, grass, moss and small stones to do this. Our finished pictures looked great!

As part of outdoor learning week, we worked outside on our fraction topic. We started by practising counting forwards and backwards in tenths, passing a bean bag between us. We all remembered that 10/10 = 1 whole, and then counted on to 20/10 where we said 2. We made fraction walls out of sticks, which made us think about equivalent fractions – we could see that 2/2 = 1 whole and 3/3 = 1whole. It was a great lesson!

3K enjoyed their Spring Term Faith Day. We explored the question – ‘How did Jesus change lives?’

We started by thinking about the people who influence us and what a miracle might be. We then went to the hall where the Revd Wayne Hawkins told us a story about Jesus calming the waves during a storm. We had great fun acting it out, making the wind, waves and even got wet when it rained! Our next activity involved thinking about healing miracles. We listened to a couple of Bible stories and then acted the stories out in groups, using our outdoor stage. We finished by reflecting on the question we were exploring and thinking about how people’s lives were changed when Jesus performed miracles.


Book Week - 3K looked terrific in their character dress up day costumes!

In art, we designed our own dragon eyes and then made them using clay. Finally we painted them.

3K have been learning about Jewish festivals in RE. We created some posters about this festival.