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Queen Eleanor's C of E Junior School

Queen Eleanor's C of E Junior School"A caring, supportive community, grounded in a Christian ethos, where children are inspired to explore their potential and develop skills for life."


From now on, apart from spellings, the homework sheets will no longer be printed off for every child. 

Please talk to your class teacher directly if you need a printed copy. 

Please ensure that you listen to your child read at least 3 times a week and record in their homework diaries as these will checked weekly by your child's class teacher.

If your child is already a proficient reader, they are expected to update their reading records themselves, however we request for you to sign their reading records weekly before Friday.

All homework will be set on Monday.

Year 5 homework wc 20th March

English homework. This week it's a big write. We would like you to invent a product that would make school life easier either for children or teacher and make an advert for it. For example, Mr Papworth would invent a pen that does all the marking for him. Try to use as many persuasive devices as possible, for example:

  • Rhetorical questions - Would you like a pen that does all the marking for you?
  • Personal appeal - If you buy this pen, you would have more time to play on your shiny Playstation 5!
  • Repetition - Repeat a phrase or word more than once so it sticks in the reader's head. Don't use too much though.
  • Emotive language - This pen will mean you get to spend more precious time with your lovely, wonderful family.   
  • Pattern of 3 - This pen scans the work, checks the answers are correct and then writes a comment all by itself.
  • Alliteration - The mighty magical marking pen.
  • Word play - This pen is ink-redible!
  • Quotes - "This pen is the best invention since sliced bread," says Mr Papworth, Year 5 teacher at QE.
  • Boastful adjectives - remarkable, outstanding, unrivalled. 

Due in on Friday 31st March 2023.

For their times table test on Friday 24th March, the children need to practise their 25 times table - see the attached sheet at the bottom or practise on Times Table Rockstars.

For their spelling test on Monday 27th March, the children are either words with the suffix ible or able or the words ending in the suffix ally. See the attached sheets below. Please only practise the spellings set for your child.

This week the children also have MyMaths homework to complete online before Monday 27th March. 


The Year 5 team.