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Queen Eleanor's C of E Junior School

Queen Eleanor's C of E Junior School"A caring, supportive community, grounded in a Christian ethos, where children are inspired to explore their potential and develop skills for life."



At Queen Eleanor’s Cof E Junior Dchool, we believe that having a good physical education experience is very important to a child’s overall development. As recommended by the government, children have two 1 hour lessons of PE per week. Within PE lessons, children get to experience a variety of sports and can further their interests by having opportunities to represent the school.  

At Queen Eleanor’s, we offer specialist PE teaching through specialist trained teachers and coaches who aim to promote health and well-being through active participation. Alongside learning about a variety of sports, children are taught about the benefits regular physical activity can have on the body. Within lessons, teachers and coaches adapt lessons depending on the child’s needs and always aim for children to be the best they can possibly be. 


The school follows the GetSet4PE scheme of learning and most lessons are taught by specialised coaches through the sports company ‘PSD’. At Queen Eleanor’s, we ensure that children are able to participate in all aspects outlined in the National Curriculum by the time they leave Year 6. During the winter term, children get to experience invasion games, gymnastics and dance. In the Spring term, children get to learn about Outdoor Adventure Activities and also Tennis. In the Summer term, children spend lessons preparing for district sports by studying Athletics and also participate in Cricket and Rounders lessons. 

Outside opportunities 

Queen Eleanor's believes that all children should have the chance to represent the school at outside tournaments and fixtures. At Queen Eleanor's, we offer children chances to attend ‘Inspire’ events for those new to a sport or at a competitive fixture. In the 2022/2023 academic year, Queen Eleanor's achieved medals in Netball and Football and also finished highly in Sportshall athletics. 

2022/2023 achievements 

Boys C football – 1st place 

Girls Year 5 Netball - 2nd place  

Girls Football – 3rd place 

2023/2024 achievements 

Priors Field Team Cross Country – 3rd place 


In Queen Eleanor's, we aim to regularly assess children in each unit of work. Teachers and coaches observe the children and decide if the child is ‘Working Towards’ (WTS), ‘Expected’ (EXP) or ‘Greater depth’ (GD). Within lessons, assessment also takes place through questioning, feedback and self/peer assessment.  

Cross curricular 

PE as a subject links well with the concept of living a healthy lifestyle which is also taught within PSHE and Science lessons. The PE lead also uses pupil voice to ensure that all students clearly know the benefits of physical exercise. According to research, children who enjoy PE lessons are more likely to continue playing sport throughout their adult lives. 


At Queen Eleanor’s many children leave the school reaching expected or exceeding the National Curriculum expectations for PE. Our aim is to actively encourage sports participation and to see children who leave the school want to participate in Sport as they have enjoyed it.