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Queen Eleanor's C of E Junior School

Queen Eleanor's C of E Junior School"Jesus the Good Shepherd said, ‘’I have come to give life – life in all its fullness.’’ John 10:10 "

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2023/4 Admissions Policy Consultation 

The Good Shepherd Trust is the Admissions Authority for Queen Eleanor’s CofE Junior School, Queen Eleanor’s Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7SD. 

The Trust is consulting on a proposed change to the 2023/4 admissions policy for Queen Eleanor’s CofE Junior School and would like to hear your views. The Trust has a statutory duty to consult on admissions arrangements if we intend to make a change. 

The consultation period will run from the 8th November 2021 – 20th December 2021. 

Information about the consultation will be provided on the Trust  and school websites during the consultation period. 


What is the proposed change? 

The proposed change to the policy is to reduce the pupil admission number (PAN) at Queen Eleanor’s CofE Junior School, from 90 to 60. 

In line with the reduced birth rate in the local area, a projected reduction in pupil numbers is forecast. Queen Eleanor’s is situated within the South Guildford planning area, which forecasts the following surplus of places at Year 3 over the coming years: 


School Year  

Year 3 PAN  

Number of Surplus Places Forecast 























It should be noted that Queen Eleanors takes pupils from the West and North Guildford planning areas, where surplus places are also forecast for the Year 3 intake moving forwards. 

Two of Queen Eleanor’s feeder infant schools have recently consulted and determined to reduce their PAN. Onslow Infant School will be reducing to a PAN of 60 from September 2022, after experiencing several years of not meeting their PAN of 90, even with forecasted oversubscription. Furthermore, St Nicholas CofE Infant School have reduced their PAN from 40 to 30 PAN. This removes a potential 40 future places from the Year 3 intake into Queen Eleanor’s. 

We have already begun to see the impact of the reduced birth rate in admissions to Queen Eleanor’s. Current numbers (October 2021) on roll are detailed as below:  

Year Group 


Number on Roll 










Taking all this information into account, if the PAN remains at 90, it is likely that the school will be unable to meet this in future years. If the school were to have pupil numbers far in excess of 60, they would be required to continue operating three classes, but would be significantly underfunded to do so. Reducing the PAN to 60 would meet the forecasted need and be educationally and economically viable in providing two classes. Operating at just over 60 pupils (but with a PAN of 90) would impact significantly on the school budget, deployment and efficient and effective use of resources and the Trust’s overall financial position. 

Comments are not being sought on any other area of the policy or associated documentation. 


How can I respond to the consultation? 

If you would like to submit a response to the consultation, please email Miss Amanda Johnston on: or write to: Miss Amanda Johnston, The Good Shepherd Trust, Academies Office, Larch Avenue, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 1JY.   

Please ensure that your response is entitled: 2023/4 Admissions Policy Consultation.  

You can submit a free text response. 

However, the Trust Board would find it helpful if you could include your name and the name of the school to which you are submitting a response. Also, if you can indicate whether you will be affected by the proposed change and if so, in what way. 

Further details on the admissions consultation process can be found in the School Admissions Code:


What happens next? 

Please note that you will not receive an individual response to your submission and no changes to the proposed policies will be made during the consultation period. After the consultation has closed, all responses will be collated and presented to the Trust Board during the first half term of the spring term 2022. The Board will then decide whether to proceed with the proposed change as well as determining the admission arrangements for all other Trust schools for which no changes are proposed. Once determined the final admission arrangements for all schools will be placed on the websites of the individual schools and sent to the respective Local Authority and Diocese of Guildford. 

2023/4 Admission Policy and SIF Form

*Draft and for consultation*

Please click here to access the Draft QE 2023/4 admission policy 

Please click here to access the Draft QE 2023/4 Church SIF



Surrey County Council Admissions Page 

Good Shepherd Trust Admissions Page  

(Please click on the links above for the SCC and GST Admissions Pages)

To view our school prospectus and see information regarding open days please click here or visit our Prospective Parents' page under the School Information tab.


Appeals deadline closed on 19th July 2021.

Appeals lodged after this date will be heard within 30 school days of being lodged.

Appellants will be sent notification of their appeal hearing at least 10 clear school days in advance of the hearing. Appellants will be sent a copy of the school's case 7 clear working days in advance of the hearing.

Appellants must ensure that any further evidence not included with their initial appeal, is received by 5pm on the day preceding three clear working days prior to the appeal hearing date. Any additional evidence or information received after this date might not be considered at the appeal hearing.

In year or immediate entry appeals

Appeals resulting from in year admission applications will be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged.


The Local Authority co-ordinate the in-year admission process for our school. If you would like to make application for a place outside of the normal admissions round, please contact



The table below shows our determined Admissions policies and the years they relate to. 

School Admission Year

Admission Policy

Supplementary Information Form

2021-2022 Admissions Policy 2021 Supplementary Information Form 
2022-2023 Admissions Policy 2022 Supplementary Information Form

Published Admission Number (PAN) 

The GST will admit 90 children into Year 3 in accordance with the criteria listed in the Admission Policy.

(Maps showing the ecclesiastical parish boundaries for All Saints Church and St. Nicolas Church may be viewed by request at the school office and are also on our website

Where there is over subscription in any category, places will be allocated to children living closest to the school.

Late Applications 

Late applications can only be considered when all of the on-time applications have been ranked.

In Year Applications 

To apply for an in-year admission please contact Surrey County Council admissions at  (

Waiting List 

A waiting list, compiled from specific requests from parents for a place, will be held for each year group for a period of one academic year. It is the responsibility of the parents to contact the school and ask for their child to be added to the school’s waiting list. It is also the parents’ responsibility to check their child’s position on the waiting list as the school cannot inform parents routinely of changes in position on the waiting list.

If vacancies arise, places will be allocated to the child placed highest in the order of categories listed above and within those criteria by shortest distance. Should parents wish to add their child to the waiting list for the following academic year (after initial application), they must complete an in-year application form (under the relevant Admission Policy) and submit this to the school. Previous years applications will not be carried over.

The GST reserve the right to withdraw the offer of a place where the parent has made a fraudulent or intentionally misleading application that effectively denied a place to another child.

Admissions and Transport 

Details of Surrey’s Admissions and Transport team can be found by clicking the link below.

Admissions & Transport

Parish Boundaries 

The following documents set out the parishes of All Saints’ and St Nicolas’, as referred in the Admissions Policy page, and in particular with reference to point 5, ‘children who live within the parishes of All Saints’ or St Nicolas’.

All Saints Parish Boundary Map
St Nicolas Parish Boundary Map

If you are thinking of applying to Queen Eleanor’s C of E Junior School but live outside of the parish boundaries, please take into consideration the admissions criteria and with particular reference to how many children have been accepted under each section.

All parents considering Queen Eleanor’s C of E Junior School may find the Surrey County Council Find A School system of help.  It can be accessed by clicking the link below:

Surrey Find A School Website

Feeder Schools 

Infant Schools

Queen Eleanor’s C of E Junior School serves the parishes of All Saints Church and St. Nicolas Church. Our main feeder schools are Onslow Infants School and St. Nicolas Infants School. The majority of each September’s intake is admitted from these schools.

The websites for these two schools are included below:

Onslow Infant:
St Nicolas’:

We liaise closely with both of our feeder schools throughout the year, but particularly during the Spring Term and Summer Term. Children and staff often visit each other’s’ schools for special occasions like a performance, a Christmas play, an assembly or just to get to know each other better and see the work each school is doing. We have three transition days when the Year 2 children spend the day at Queen Eleanor’s. One of these days is a special day called Day of Difference.

Upon Transfer

There are three Year 3 classes and new children entering the school each September will be allocated to one of these classes. Your child’s current infant school advises us about the groupings of children to fit our class organisation because they know the children best at this stage. We also ensure there is a balanced spread of abilities, EAL, Gender and SEN in each class to ensure the best possible education opportunities for all our children.

Secondary Schools

Most of our leavers go to Guildford County School which is located at the lower end of the Farnham Road, on the edge of Onslow Village and about a mile from Queen Eleanor’s school.

We also have some pupils leave us to go to other secondary schools in the Guildford area, such as Christ’s College, George Abbot, King’s College and St Peter’s, but this is dependent on other deciding factors, one of which is of course the pupil’s home address.

In addition we do see some pupils leave us for the independent secondary schools, such as the Royal Grammar School (known locally as RGS) for boys and Guildford High or Tormead, both for girls, while there are other good schools in the wider Surrey/south east area where our former pupils have gone on to learn.

If you would like some guidance on secondary schools the school office can offer limited help.  We would advise parents to visit the school websites or call them directly, as well as visiting the Surrey Schools website which offers very useful information.

Secondary Schools

Guildford County:

George Abbot:

Christ’s College Guildford:

Kings’s College Guildford:

St Peter’s Catholic School:

Independent Secondary Schools

Guildford High:

Royal Grammar School Guildford: