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Queen Eleanor's C of E Junior School

Queen Eleanor's C of E Junior School"A caring, supportive community, grounded in a Christian ethos, where children are inspired to explore their potential and develop skills for life."


Our Curriculum Vision 

Our school curriculum aims to challenge each pupil and inspire a love of learning. It will encourage creative thinking and risk taking to build confidence and self belief.

To enable this our curriculum will make the most of the school environment, including outdoor learning, with an emphasis on practical skills and pupils progression during their time in school, all with a clear purpose for learning.

Christian values, PHSE and SMSC will all be embedded throughout the curriculum along with our school values of compassion, forgiveness, truthfulness and courage, celebrating the diversity within our school and valuing the whole person.

The new National Curriculum

As an Academy with the Good Shepherd Trust, Queen Eleanor’s has the freedom to deliver its own bespoke interpretation of the National Curriculum.

We have developed a topic based curriculum which links to our residential trips and provides the children with creative opportunities in all of the core and foundation subjects.  Teaching is class based with currently no subjects being streamed.

The links below are to our medium term plans which shows how we are teaching the current curriculum.  The teaching of English, Mathematics and Science follow exactly the programmes of study in the new National Curriculum.  More information about the curriculum can be found here.

Our Curriculum

The table below includes each of the topic areas.  If you click on a topic title a curriculum map will appear giving you a snap shot of what’s taught in that topic.

Developing a Love of Learning

We believe the curriculum is the heart of Queen Eleanor’s and our staff have a passion for a vibrant, exciting, meaningful curriculum which is rich, demanding and develops the imagination through the creative use of media and materials.

We believe in enabling the children by giving them a range of experiences which will enable their confidence and self-esteem to grow in a supportive and caring manner.   The curriculum is the means of developing our vision and ethos of the school and helps generate a strong sense of team work and creativity in everyone.

We have designed a curriculum which is topic based and inclusive of all National Curriculum subjects. The activities planned for the children are wide ranging and diverse and are aimed at developing the commitment, curiosity and creativity of each child.

We believe that prior personal experience is the key to unlocking a meaningful context for children and our topic based approach stitches together the individual subjects of the National Curriculum into a ‘seamless coat of learning’. It makes everything related and relevant and enables…

  • Learning in a meaningful context and allows for first-hand experience and concentrates on the depth and breadth of the curriculum.
  • Links to be made and ensures that children apply knowledge and skills learned in one area to others, thus reinforcing learning and increasing understanding and confidence
  • Effective coverage of the National Curriculum and makes good use of longer blocks of time, enabling sustained work on themes covering more than one subject
  • Team work and detailed cross-curricular planning and promotes shared vision and consistency
  • Creativity in learning and encourages flexibility and the development of exciting learning opportunities through different teaching techniques and strategies, making learning vivid and real
  • Provides the children with open ended opportunities to develop their full learning potential

To fulfil our aims of integration and creativity we have developed a curriculum model based on termly topics for each year group. These have been chosen to link in with the National Curriculum and act as hooks to hang the programmes of study and learning objectives for all the different subjects which have been carefully allocated to the topics to ensure good coverage.

Each term has a main focus which is either Science, Geography or History based and includes all of the foundations subject which are embedded in the activities the children complete.  English is integral to the topic based approach and relevant skills are taken from the Literacy Strategy and given a meaningful context through the topic and learning is enhanced and enriched.

We are very proud of the curriculum we have developed for the children at QE and really encourage you to look at some of the activities that go on over the school year.