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Queen Eleanor's C of E Junior School

Queen Eleanor's C of E Junior School"A caring, supportive community, grounded in a Christian ethos, where children are inspired to explore their potential and develop skills for life."

Year 3

Year 3 resources for families

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Curriculum Maps

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Year 3 Curriculum Map Spring 2023

Knowledge organisers

In the spring term, our topic is Natural Wonders of the World.

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Mathematics - Calculation policy

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About Year 3

Year 3 provides a fantastic springboard into QE. Our teachers liaise very closely with our feeder schools to ensure the smoothest transition possible. We visit feeder school pupils in their current schools and get to know them before they come to QE for their transition day. Our curriculum is structured to extend and enrich the learning from KS1. We encourage children to be more independent, making that step into becoming a junior school pupil and invite all the children to take part in an activity evening and sleepover at the school!

We begin the Autumn Term in Literacy, by looking in depth at the Mr Men stories, ultimately creating our own Mr Men character and story. After half term, we then focus our Literacy skills on letter writing using the book, Dear Mr Blueberry as inspiration. Towards the end of the term we look at newspaper reports writing a report about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius based on ideas from the book, Escape from Pompeii. Our Maths work in the Autumn Term is based on number skills including Place Value, Addition and Subtraction. In our RE lessons, we look at what Christians believe God is like, how the Bible reveals God’s plan and what Jesus might think of Christmas today. Our topic work for the term is based on Invaders and Settlers; a historical exploration of what life was like in Celtic Britain before the Roman Invasion as well as how the Romans impacted upon life in Britain today. To enhance our topic we take a step back in time to visit Butser Ancient Farm, experiencing life as a Celt in the roundhouses. We hold a Roman Day which involves a visit from a theatre company, wearing Roman costumes and taking part in a number of Roman-themed activities. After half-term, we become Italian Explorers learning about the physical geography of Italy such as its rivers, lakes and mountains. In Science, we investigate magnets and springs, considering their practical uses. In ICT, we focus on the use of Word, creating a Roman fact file and Italian travel brochure linking to our topic work. Our Art and DT work links closely to our topic, including Celtic knots, Roman jewellery and mosaics.

In the Spring Term, our Literacy is based on the theme of dragons using the book, Tell Me A Dragon as inspiration. We write character and setting descriptions, poetry and non-chronological reports. Our Art work this term involves designing and making a clay dragon eye. In Maths in the Spring Term we continue with number work involving Multiplication and Division followed by Money, Statistics, Measurement and Fractions. In R.E. we consider how Jesus changed lives through his miracles, special times for Jews and Holy Week, studying its events, meanings and symbols leading up to Easter Sunday. Our Spring topic is the Natural Wonders of the World. We develop our geographical skills through exploration of the continents and the position of the Natural Wonders within the world. Our Science topic links well with this as we look closely at rocks, soils and fossils. We visit Wisley RHS Gardens for some hands-on investigations into how soil is formed. After half term, we look at light and shadows, considering how light travels through different materials, carrying out exciting investigations. To link with this, we make shadow puppets in DT. In ICT, we use an exciting online programming tool called Scratch as well as learning about online safety.

Finally, in the Summer Term we write diary entries, basing our work on The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. After half term, we use the book Tuesday to inspire

our writing creating our own stories based on the events of this picture book. In Maths we continue with our work on Fractions and then investigate Shape, Measurement and Time. In R.E. we consider why Christians share communion, how the church began and whether Christian worship is the same around the World. Our topic work in the Summer gives us a chance to stretch our scientific minds with the topic Healthy Living. We explore what makes our body work and what our bodies need in order to function in the best way possible. We also look closely at plants considering what they need in order to survive and how they reproduce. We will link our Art work to this topic by creating Batik based on drawings of plants made during our trip to Wisley. As part of our exploration into the skeleton, we create PowerPoint presentations explaining what we have learnt about the bones in our bodies as well as animal skeletons. In line with this, we investigate healthy eating and in DT we design and make a healthy lunch.

The Year 3 team

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