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Queen Eleanor's C of E Junior School

Queen Eleanor's C of E Junior School"A caring, supportive community, grounded in a Christian ethos, where children are inspired to explore their potential and develop skills for life."

Year 4

Home Learning Tasks and Information

Please note that each pack is two weeks worth of work and we continue to recommend that the children do not just complete the packs but spend time reading, gardening, cooking, drawing etc. 




Pack 7 

WC: 22/06 - 26/06

Pack 8 

WC: 29/06 - 3/07

Pack 9 

WC: 6/07 - 10/07

Pack 10 

WC: 13/07 - 17/07

Pack 7 - English

Pack 7 - Foundation

Pack 7 - Maths

Pack 8 - English

Pack 8 - Foundation

Pack 8 - Maths

Pack 9 - English

Pack 9 - Foundation

Pack 9 - Maths

Pack 10 - English

Pack 10 - Foundation

Pack 10 - Maths

White Rose Maths Revision

Year 4 - White Rose Maths - Revision w/c 13th July 2020

Year 4 - White Rose Maths - Answers w/c 13th July 2020

Year 4 - White Rose Maths - Revision w/c 6th July 2020

Year 4 - White Rose Maths - Answers w/c 6th July 2020

Year 4 - White Rose Maths - Revision w/c 29th June 2020

Year 4 - White Rose Maths - Answers w/c 29th June 2020

Year 4 - White Rose Maths - Revision w/c 22nd June 2020

Year 4 - White Rose Maths - Answers w/c 22nd June 2020

Year 4 - White Rose Maths - Revision w/c 15th June 2020

Year 4 - White Rose Maths - Answers w/c 15th June 2020

Year 4 - White Rose Maths - Revision w/c 8th June 2020

Year 4 - White Rose Maths - Answers w/c 8th June 2020

Class Timetables




Curriculum Maps

To access the Curriculum Maps, please click the links below.

Y4 Curriculum Map Autumn 2019

Y4 Curriculum Map Spring 2020

Y4 Curriculum Map Summer 2020

About Year 4

Year 4 is an exciting year for our children at Queen Eleanor’s, having had the opportunity to settle in, make friends and get to know their surroundings in Year 3. Year 4 offer some engaging topics as well as their first residential trip in the Spring term!

In the Autumn Term, we introduce our topic, ‘Bean to Bar’. This begins as a geography-based topic where the children learn about the processes involved in making chocolate, the environments in which chocolate is produced and the significance of the growth of Fairtrade. We have the fantastic opportunity for staff from the British Chocolate Museum to come to Queen Eleanor’s to lead a workshop for the children which covers theory as well as practical activities. The second part of the ‘Bean to Bar’ topic is history-based and explores the origins of chocolate, including the Aztecs and Mayans.

In the Spring Term, we move onto a study of The Victorians and the Industrial Revolution, which includes the Year 4 residential trip to Ironbridge in Shropshire. Here the children get the opportunity to experience life in the past by visiting many of the Ironbridge museums. The children are taught to compare the life of a Victorian child to that of their own, as well as learning about the many important developments of this time. As well as our residential, the children also take part in a ‘Victorian Day’ at school where they get hands-on experience of life as a Victorian child.

In the Summer Term, our topic is ‘Creatures Great and Small’, during which the children learn about their teeth and the digestive system. We also study life cycles and make a visit to Marwell Zoo to give the children an opportunity to learn about a wide range of species in an interactive environment! This topic is primarily science-based but also makes links with other areas of the curriculum such as art (stained-glass windows) and geography.

In English, we cover a broad range of purposes for writing such as explanations, news reports, persuasive texts, descriptions and non-chronological reports. Each unit of writing builds up to the children producing their ‘hot task’ which is based on the structure of a model text. In order for the children to produce their best writing, they learn through speaking and listening activities to enhance their vocabulary. The children are then given chances to edit and improve their own work before publishing it for display.

In Maths, we follow the National Curriculum where we study the following units: Number and Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions and Decimals, Geometry and Measurement. Each unit covers a wide range of fluency, reasoning and problem solving tasks. In year 4, we encourage the use of visual, concrete resources to support the children’s learning.

The Year 4 Team